Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 Sweet Gift Ideas in a Jar

Mason jars + candy = the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for anyone! 

1. Candy Corn Mason Jar

Come on now, these are cute, right?  Cheesy, but cute! These corny little mason jar gifts are the perfect sweet gift to leave on the hubby’s car seat. Read more

2. M&M Gift In A Jar

Gifts in a jar are always fun, and can be as simple as filling a jar with some colorful holiday-themed candy! Here’s a simple {and thrifty} Valentine’s Day Gift in a Jar. Read more

3. Hot Chocolate Gift Jars

With the cold weather, hot chocolate and marshmallows would be the perfect use for the soldered mason jars. And they would make perfect little gifts for Valentines Day. Read more

4. Candy Valentine Jar

These could not be simpler to make. Start by filling the jars with your favorite candy and then decorate your jar as you wish. Read more

5. Pie in a Jar

These little pies are perfect, individual pieces of happiness that are less ordinary than the typical cupcakes that have become so popular. Read more

Happy Valentine's Day!

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