Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Listing Tips - Pick the Right Name for Your Online Handmade Business

You’ve decided to set up a shop with your handmade crafts.. How do you pick a name for your business? And If you already chose a name - How do you make sure it is a good one?

While some people believe that picking a name for your shop is not important, I believe that it in an aspect that you have to consider wisely. Of course, nobody guarantees that having an awesome name will bring success to your business, but there is nothing you can lose if you spent some time putting some thought into your shop name.

1. Short & Easy

Try to pick a name that is not more that 3 words and it is simple. If you have to explain to your customers how does your name spell and what it means, then probably you picked the wrong name.

2. Relevant 

When picking the name for your shop think long and hard about it. Choose something that is totally you! Make sure the name goes with your product. Make sure that when costumers see your name they will automatically know what you’re selling.

3.Unique - Available

Do your research – No matter how original you think your name is, the chances are that somebody else has already thought of it. Google your name and see of others had thought about it first.

4. Make it Memorable

Convey a feeling, emotion, or funny mental image. Customers are 100x more likely to remember an emotion, whether it be fun and lighthearted or if it’s sentimental and brings back memories.
Another important part of branding is the look and feel of your shop. This can be accomplished by color scheme, fonts, and graphics.

Enjoy the ride!

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