Friday, March 21, 2014

DIY ~ Cupcake Crumble in a Jar

cupcake crumble
Cupcake Crumble
The latest kitchen trend? Cupcakes in a jar! Or so it was said. I love it! And then I had to think about it. Cupcakes in a jar? Sounds fun. Sounds simple. But as I started to ponder this foodie phenomenon,  I began to have more questions than answers…

How do you get the cupcake in the jar? Do you bake the batter in the jar? Will the jar hold up to the heat in the oven? Do you bake the cupcakes separately and then place them in the jars? How do I get the cupcake out to eat it? How long can these cupcakes last? Do I need a big jar or a small jar? Where do I find a small cupcake-sized jar anyways?

..And then I decided to stop thinking and start playing. I liked the idea of “cupcake in a jar” but I wanted to put my own spin on it – the result is my Cupcake Crumble in a Jar. With this recipe, leftover cupcakes get an instant dessert makeover. It’s a cupcake-lovers go-to recipe for “in a jar” fun..
Leftover Cupcakes Get a Makeover.
leftover vegan cupcakes
Leftover vegan cupcakes needed a facelift.
Cupcake Crumble in a Jar
Cupcake Crumble in a Jar
If you love cupcakes, and really who doesn’t, you probably bake them by the dozen, share the freshly made delights, keep them for a day or two and then the fun is over. But sometimes you end up with two or more cupcakes a day later and since cupcakes can dry out rather quickly – you are faced with a terrible predicament: do I toss these cutie cupcakes?? Now you don’t even have to let that thought cross your mind because you can easily whip up my Cupcake crumble in a jar to refresh and moisten leftover cupcakes.
Cupcake Crumble in a Jar
Cupcake Crumble in a Jar
Here is what you will need:
* 2 or more leftover cupcakes – pop off the frosted flat tops (set aside) and crumble up the cake bottoms
* whip up your favorite vanilla or chocolate (or both) pudding
* a clean medium sized glass jar with lid – not too tall (I used a short and stout roasted red pepper jar)
* optional additional crumble ingredients (fudge sauce, nuts, marshmallow creme, canned fruit, berries and more)

layering the crumble
layering the crumble
How To:
Now you start layering.
First add some pudding.
Then the cupcake crumbled bits.
Then another layer of pudding.
Then one of the frosted cupcake flat tops.
Then more pudding.
More crumbles.
(Add additional ingredients along the way if you’d like)
Last layer is one of the frosted cupcake flat tops.
Close the jar lid and chill in the fridge for a while before serving. This way the pudding will help moisten the crumbles.
Serve by spooning into dessert cups.

lid on cupcake
lid on.
Cupcake Crumble in a Jar
Cupcake Crumble in a Jar
There! You just turned your leftover cupcakes into a snazzy new dessert treat – fit to please those “cupcake in a jar” enthusiasts!

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