Monday, May 12, 2014

How to Sign Up for Pinterest

Pinterest is an image-based social media site that allows you to share your cool things that you find across the web! This article helps you to signup for an account and get started.
  1. Signup for Pinterest Step 1.jpg

    Go to the website. It's found at: If you don't have an account already, click "Signup" on the home page. Check your email and click on the link that is sent to you to create an account. Alternatively, you can signup thru Facebook too.
  2. Signup for Pinterest Step 2.jpg

    Log in. You can log in with either Facebook or Twitter. Create a password to go with it.
  3. Signup for Pinterest Step 3.jpg

    Click on images or items that catch your interest. Then click on "Follow People." Doing this will get you started on the site.
  4. Signup for Pinterest Step 4.jpg

    Check out the people you're now following. You can unfollow later, if you choose.

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